Welcome to my Blog

This is a place to share some thoughts regarding the value of the psychotherapy 
journey. Regarding the value of facing pain and moving forward with it. Regarding 
wisdom that finds its way to us and provides a chance to wake up a little bit. 
Regarding practices of self compassion for ourselves when we fall back to sleep 
making choices that hurt ourselves.And hurt others. It's a place to record 
potentially helpful cues, prompts, strategies, techniques, quotes, rants, song 
lyrics, poems and more to massage the mind and give some direction to the body to 
keep coming home to our powerful center. To the place that waits for us to check inand get fortification and encouragement. To keep engaging in the giant challenge 
called living. These ideas are presented as a perspective. A way of looking at 
things, not THE way of looking at things.Take what you want and leave the rest.

This is a great quote: " I think it is going to be a problem to think my way out ofmy problem because I think my problem is the way that I think".

By bearing witness to our ways of thinking with support we learn to SEE how we 
think. Seeing how we think (non judgementally) opens up a set of French Doors to 
another realm of relating with our minds. We may BEFRIEND the stream of thoughts 
that come and go. With discovery of our styles of thinking we naturally move 
towards newly chosen ways of focusing our minds, while we improve our ability to
let the stream of thoughts come and go.

Three potential areas of meaningful improvement:
1.Flexible thinking- adapting to changes on the spot
2.Multi-tasking- doing several things in parallel
3.Big Picture Thinking - overview of priorities in the face of focussed work.   

Always at the heart of our efforts is the cultivation self friendliness.The felt 
sense that we are in the best hands when we are in our own hands because we 
are on our own side without fail.